Mermaid Stories is a sea-fresh and newly born accessory studio for creative souls. We design modern accessories which embrace the eclectic personality of Copenhagen. 


Mermaid Stories Watches/Ure/Montres/Uhren Copenhagen


Mermaid Stories was born out of the love for simplistic Scandinavian chic and modern, timeless design.

Inspired by our home town Copenhagen, we have launched our first watch collection in November 2016, with more accessories to be revealed in the future. We mix Scandi-cool midnight colors with a little twist of pink, combining luxury with fun, simplicity with mermaid sparkle.



At Mermaid Stories, we aspire to create a curated selection of favorite accessories in fine quality that you want to keep for a long time. And first and foremost: Which get more beautiful as you wear them. 

Being in love with creative ideas, we believe in details that make you smile. We care about pretty packaging and are convinced that it should be a Christmas-birthday-confetti-and-cake-feeling when you unwrap your order from us. 

Our brand's name, Mermaid Stories, reflects our love of Scandinavian chic and the stories that lie beneath the obvious - the details that you might not perceive at first sight. We want to inspire you to take your time to discover them. 


Mermaid Stories Watches



If you, just like us, have a crush on people in all kinds of creative domains, read our journal dedicated to celebrate #timeforcreativesouls. There, you'll find interesting creatives that inspire us, who talk with us about their lives, their habits, their creative rituals and how they make the best out of their time.

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