Mermaid Stories - Leather

Mermazing softness 

Your Mermaid Stories watch comes with a strap made with the finest vegetable tanned leather - which is especially soft to wear on your wrist, right from the start. 


Your strap is naked. And will get even more beautiful over time. 

Vegetable tanned leather comes with a lot of personality. And patina, an own history, which your strap will develop over time. Just like the hair of a mermaid bleaches from all the salt and the sand, so does your watch strap when accompanying you through your life. The lighter colors like dusty rose and champagne, in contrast, will get darker. This is an example for the change that you could see:

MIA with her dusty pink leather - and how it changes over time

So where does the special softness come from? The pores of our leather are open, in contrast to the usually closed ones of many others. This fact makes the leather breathe, because moisture, but also dirt can enter the material more easily. Meaning: Your watch, especially if equipped with a very light leather, does not forget. Once it has got heavy stains, they can be difficult to remove. Which is the ultimate proof of its very natural personality and no reason for a warranty claim. Just keep in mind that the light leathers are more sensitive and will keep stains if in contact with harsh colors.


How to take care of your strap

Mermaid Stories watches are made for a long-time love story. 

This especially counts for the vegetable tanned leather we use. It is a simple, but beautiful (and first and foremost: character-building) material. Except for an occasional swipe with a moist cloth to remove some dust - if possible with lime-free or distilled water - you should not need to worry. Too much cleaning is much more harmful than beneficial for the leather. 

Keeping your life simple is after all also one of our goals.