It is our mission to celebrate creativity
and to create objects of beauty. 


Mermaid Stories - Uhren Watches Ure




At Mermaid Stories, we focus on few, but luxurious items: Minimalism in the design, maximalism in the story. Each of our products has its own character. We invite you to discover them and to get to know their personalities.

We believe in luxury without oversparkle. And still, we want to create our own version of Scandi chic. 

Being in love with creative ideas, we engage in details that make you smile. We care about pretty packaging and are convinced that it should be a Christmas-birthday-confetti-and-cake-feeling when you unwrap your order from us. 




In our studio, we are dedicated to sourcing the best materials for you. We want to offer you a curated selection of favorite accessories in fine quality that you want to keep for a long time. And first and foremost: Which get more beautiful as you wear them. Therefore, we use premium materials such as highly resistant stainless steel and premium movements from Seiko for our watches. For our watch straps, we source the finest vegetable tanned leather from Germany. It is our goal to get all leather from the best sources possible. As a young company, we are constantly working on improving this. So far, about 60% of our leather comes from farms which are certified as organic. And of course, we aim for more. 

The quality of our products is a matter of our heart - and so are you, the mermaids. For our watches, you have a two year warranty and the possibility for uncomplicated returns in case you change your mind. We are proud to deliver mermaid sparkle right to your door and are always happy about your messages and pictures when you receive them!




Our brand's name, Mermaid Stories, reflects our love of Scandinavian chic and the stories that lie beneath the obvious - the details that you might not perceive at first sight. We want to inspire you to take your time to discover them. 

The mermaid, which you find on the back of our watches, embodies the dreams that everyone of us has inside them. 

The design of our logo reflects our love for minimalism meets magic: If you look closer, you recognize a mix of art déco elements mixed with the cleanness and simplicity of Scandinavian chic.




We are inspired by creative souls, urban poetry, and the beauty of everything and everyone that expresses an own aesthetic point of view. We even curate our own favorite pieces of art on our dedicated Instagram page TIME FOR CREATIVE SOULS - and invite you to follow along!

If you, just like us, have a crush on people in all kinds of creative domains, read our journal dedicated to celebrate #timeforcreativesouls. There, you'll find interesting creatives that inspire us, who talk with us about their lives, their habits, their creative rituals and how they make the best out of their time.

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